Buffing & Waxing

Once a vessel has lost its UV protection (wax layer), it is then exposed to the elements which results in oxidation, surface contamination, calcium build up, rust, and various other paint / gel coat effecting factors. In order to remove these effects, there is a long procedure of compound buffing and cut polishing to remove a very small top layer of the paint to reveal the fresh paint underneath.

compound1DONT WORRY, when we say small layer, we mean small! After all your boats paint job or gel coat was designed for this. Boats paint is built up with several coats of two part epoxy paint or a highly durable gel coat.  This high build allows for buffing and sanding to bring back the shine and luster over the years. We have brought back some of the most tired and weathered gel coats, and we have made owners proud of their boats again!

Some paint jobs have become so heavily oxidized that you must wet sand the paint before you buff. This can be a costly procedure and can take a long time to bring the boats paint back to a shine. (Can take as many as 5 different steps to bring back the paint or gel coat). So we always suggest preventative maintenance, which is getting your boat buffed at the first signs of chaulky or cloudy oxidized paint. Once the finish is at the desired look, you must maintain it with a regular UV wax protecting layer.

Whether your paint is awl grip, du pont, alex seal and or gel coat, we do them all! We have very competitive rates, and we are extremely careful and detailed when it comes to your paint and your vessel. We only order the finest compounds and waxes to ensure that you are getting the best results possible.

Our buffing and waxing services:

  • Cut polishing, to remove oxidation and sand scratches.

  • Finishing compounding, to enhance shine and reduce swirls and scratches.

  • Wet sanding for serious oxidation and scratch removal.

  • Hand and orbital wax application.

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