Teak Maintenance

Whether you want your teak scrubbed or cleaned, sanded and or repaired we got you covered!

We are experienced professionals when it comes to teak and we take pride in making your teak look amazing. If your teak has mildew growing in it, or it has become white or silvery, we can bring back the bright golden hue that you desire. Without using harmful acids and brighteners, we use a eco friendly teak cleaning powder that deeply penetrates dirt and grime without harming your caulking.

Just look at our before and after pictures you will be amazed.

  • If your teak is old and the caulking is protruding past the wood, we can help by shaving or "planing" down all the caulking to get it back to base level with the teak.

  • If the teak has huge grooves or trenches in the grains, this is a serious problem. The groves allow for dirt, moisture and mildew to grow inside your wood. We suggest you have your decks sanded.




  • If a teak board has been damaged, we can replace boards and try to match the teak with the surrounding boards so it does not look like a repair ever happened.

  • If the caulking has come loose, or has fallen out, or is just not holding water from going under. We can strip and remove the old caulking from the desired section and recaulk your teak boards.

  • If the teak was originally screwed down into the decks, you will have small plug holes that sometimes fall out, resulting in hideous little screw holes all over the deck, this is also a collector of moisture and mildew. We can replug your teak holes.



 We are happy to help with any job you may have.

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