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If you've been using elbow grease an house hold cleaners to clean your boat, you'll be amazed at the ease of use with this magic product. Literally paint or wipe in onto rusted or stained fiberglass and or gelcoat and watch as stains just disappear before your eyes. Some serious stains may take several applications but in the end of the day FSR is an amazing product to really bring the white and the life back into your fiberglass.

If you look at the picture attached to this article you will notice in the background the hull of the boat has a rusted stain on it, the white area beside the rust is where the FSR was just simply smeared on with a rag, and right before our eyes it turned back to its original white color.

Next time your in the marine store, pick up a jar of this, great to use on hard to remove stains.

REMEMBER: Dont use on freshly waxed areas, or areas with a polymer coating as it eats through wax and polymers. If you must use it, wash and rewax the area after application.

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We all know after a nice long weekend of cruising around, when it comes to pulling into port at the end of the day, all we are thinking about is getting the boat tied up and secured so we can begin enjoying the rest of the evening. A big creator of marks, stains and mess on your boat is old weathered shore power cables. They get all gummed up and dirty, and when your in a hurry to have them hooked up, you tend to drag them all over your deck and they create unsightly marks and unnecessary mess.

Having your shore power cables cleaned and sealed will prevent a lot of mess on deck, and if you have had to be very careful running them along the deck in the past, now you can run them on the deck with peace of mind.

We offer shore power cleaning and sealing at very affordable rates. We highly suggest anyone who has had there boat recently waxed or detailed to have there shore power cables cleaned as they will eventually ruin your nice new wax job.


Happy cruising!

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As we all know, boats after time can become dull, faded and chaulky as time goes on and the protective UV wax coating slowly wears away. Sometimes a lot of the luster can be replenish with a quick and thorough waxing. But what happens when you wax it and the boat still looks dull? This is due to oxidation in the boats paint, and the only way remove this oxidation is to use a rubbing compound or cut polish and buff the boats paint using a high speed polisher.

You may have an old boat and think, no this vessel has no chance to relive its glory and shine again. We like to prove you wrong! We have brought back boats so faded and oxidized that when the owner would wash the boat the oxidation would cloud the surrounding water, that is one chaulky boat!


Its remarkable what a little elbow grease and the right tools and products can do to make your boat look brand new again! We use only premium compounds selected to meet your requirements. If the boat has light oxidation we use a very light grade compound or finishing material. If it has some serious scratches and oxidation we use heavy duty compounds and work are way up to lighter compounds, this eliminates any swirl marks in the paint.


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Afterall, we all want our boats to be perfectly clean, with all surfaces shining and looking brilliant as ever. This is the case for people who meticulously look after there exterior and maintain it with the right products at the right times. As for most of you who just dont have the time, these little things like stainless steel get left on the back burner.

Most boats if you look at the stainless steel you may notice some heavy water spots, small amounts of corrosion and rust starting to form, and this seems like nothing serious.

The problem with stainless steel not being polished is it starts to build a micro layer of film and corrosion that not only eats at the metal itself, allowing the problems to get worse. But it also leaks onto the boat causing the boat to have hideous black streaks and rust stains that take much more vigour to get out then a simple afternoon buffing the stainless to a perfect shine.

We recommend having your stainless steel buffed up bi-yearly to get rid of any corrosion and to also prevent the metals from "leaking" black residue all over prized asset.

Now you may be thinking okay you have polished the stainless, what is stopping corrosion and this black mess from happeneing again next month?

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Top Notch Yachts makes its first break in Victoria's yachting community!


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